Lindeman Island – Queensland Australia

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As soon as you first set eyes on Lindeman Island you’ll understand why it is called a ‘Natural Paradise’. Located among the Whitsunday Islands of Queensland, just off the Great Barrier Reef, Lindeman Island has become a favourite destination for people who regard island holidays as the perfect getaway.

This sprawling fun-filled destination is set amidst more than 690 hectares of World Heritage National Parkland. With activities that range from bungy bounce and trapeze to golf and deep sea fishing, there will be something on Lindeman Island to suit you.

The amazing Club Med Lindeman Island can provide the perfect setting for your holiday. This Lindeman Island resort offers activities and entertainment day and night. You can choose whether to join in with the sports, concerts and late night discos, or be left alone to enjoy some peaceful relaxation.

Club Med’s famous all-inclusive packages are exceptionally good value, and the resort is ideal for both families and couples. The Kids Club gives parents the opportunity to enjoy the island knowing that their children are in capable hands.

If you choose Club Med for your honeymoon they usually give a discount to you as a ‘wedding gift’.

The other choice of Lindeman Island accommodation is a camping ground at Boat Port in the north of the island.

To access Lindeman Island your flight will take you to the Hamilton Island Airport, from there it is about a 40min ferry ride. The view as you approach the Island is staggering and it is easy to see why this beautiful Island (in QLD Australia) is considered a delight for the senses.

The weather forecast on Lindeman Island is usually just perfect. Varying from 19 to 29 degrees the weather can be cool, but not too cold, warm but never too hot.

So what better way to ‘get away from it all’, than to enjoy a fabulous holiday on Lindeman Island.

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